12 Month Throwback of French Twinks

The last 12 months has seen a true roller-coaster of a year at French Twinks, there has been a lot of projects, enough plane journeys to circle the globe twice and plenty of horny twinks. The studios have released a pornographic-infographic of the year to celebrate all the studio has achieved in such an action packed year.

Covering everything from Sea, Sex & Sun right through to the latest Naked Twink contest, with some awards, a US Road Trip, A kitchen TV Parody Series, A boarding School Spin off and twinks covered in paint to fill in the gaps.

Antoine Lebel the Studios Producer & Director said in a statement to the Studios members & fans “Thank you everyone for supporting our work and our models! This last year has been rich in travels, filming, meetings, discoveries, awards… and many new projects are in preparation!”

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