Bastien Leray Interview

Interview conducted by Thony Led and Julien Dzodz for the Group on Facebook “Fans of French Twinks”. and the blog Fan.

Can you introduce yourself to the group fans of French Twinks ?
I called Bastien Leray, I’m 19 years old, I am born in Cannes and I live in Nice since recently.

Did you Know French Twinks before applying ?
Of Course ! Who does not know French Twinks?! It is true that this is not the first porn site that comes to your mind when you allow yourself a small moment to watch a video knowing that it is paid even if the trailers are free of charge. But I would like to say that it’s worth it, I don’t say that because I am part of them, before being an actor in French Twinks I had a paying a subscription, because I knew that I was paying for quality French porn and not for a video filmed with an iPhone.

“It feels so good that you want to stay with them”

Why did you choose this production and want to be a porn actor ?
To tell you everything, I’ve sent in my application when I was 18 years old, and I’ve had no response and I wanted to really live this experience, it was my fantasy. I applied in another production and I did three scenes with them before stopping, that didn’t please me, this was not the image of the porn that I had in mind.

This year so I wanted to try again and I sent off my application with the best pictures of me… And I even made a letter of motivation lol. They contacted me quickly and with them I have not been disappointed, real pros like them do more. This is why it is important to choose a quality production.

What have you discovered in a filming a shoot and what impressed you the most?
I thought there was a lot of people involved in filming, but they are only two- Antoine (the producer) and Max (his assistant cameraman), that puts you at ease the minute you see them for the first time, I discovered the pleasure of working for them. What impressed me most, were the actors, they are even more beautiful in real life !

What is that you have loved during your first shooting ?
For my first filming, I really liked the patience and understanding of Antoine and Max. And especially the complicity there is among French Twinks, you feel so good that you want to stay with them !

What are your fantasies ?
I have two mainly, be a porn actor and fucking while being tied up. The two are now made true, I’ll let you guess which actor from French Twinks caught me by surprise and tied me up!

Is there a particular scene that you would like to fim ?
To be honest I would like to go back and redo all the scenes they have already done lol But with the imagination of Antoine and Max, you’re not at the end of your surprises.

What would you like to leave as a message to fans of French Twinks ?
I would first of all like to thank them because it is through them that we can all continue to do what you love, and see that you are more numerous. Who we follow makes us want to continue and I find it simply wonderful on your part. So hoping that I’ll be up to you, I thank you again for all your messages of welcome, encouragement, and support !