Behind the Scenes Throwback to SAW Gay

French Twinks as a studio prides itself not only on delivering quality but also giving unique insights to porn. There is a lot that goes into a scene, and most of it is usually kept hidden from the viewer. The French Twinks team have provided a wealth of behind the scenes info and photos to allow you to immerse yourself into the world behind the camera.

Today we take a peek behind the lens of French Twinks 2018 Halloween special SAW Gay. This was an intricate set that was built from an existing toilets scenery from the series “Boarding School Secrets“. Firstly layer of muddy dirt effects was applied all over the set and lots of small changes made. This really assisted to turn the set into a horrid hell hole, befitting of the Halloween theme.

…immerse yourself into the world behind the camera.

As this was a Horror based scene there was also blood effects, a fake body and an evil character doll needed also. Director and producer Antoine Lebel worked with his team to create all the props and scenery before all filming started.

The French Twinks actors Paul Delay, Chris Loan and Lucas Bouvier also faced the technical challenges; learning scripts, positions and how to act to develop this scene into a success. Paul Delay also faced a challenge of wearing a dick cage chastity device, and Chris Loan who had to “play dead” during the scene.

It was fun to get involved in a messy styled set and the challenges that come with it. The actors adjusted well to the scaring and blood covered sticky environment and performed great! – Producer, Antoine Lebel

The end result was a well planned out scene where the actors enjoyed and performed well during the sex and acting parts (even with a challenging environment, new experiences with fake blood and and a horror themed set). French Twinks as a studio always has a fun attitude and that can be seen in the photos that the models can both be serious actors and enjoy playing around – Even if Chris Loan was actually scared of the Studios Doll.

Although this is not the first time that French Twinks has done a Horror Set, in 2016 the Studios Produced HotHell one of the First things to be filmed in the new Studios. Its from this experience you can see the Studios has learned how to perfect the Horror porn genre.



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