French Twinks – New Year Social News

As an amazing year for French Twinks came to a close, There’s been a selection of highs, from winning multiple awards, going on a crazy US Road Dick trip to welcoming new models such as Arthur Dulac, Mathis Weber, Robin Leroy and Mael Dumas.

With all the celebrations there is a chance to take a look at all the gossip and side news at French Twinks Studios.

Abel Lacourt Visits French Twinks Team in UK for 2020 New Year

“Who came to visit me in UK for New Year Eve? Of course Francois Chagall and lot of French friends … But also the lovely Abel Lacourt ! Happy New Year Guys!” – Antoine lebel

Enzo as Always likes a Party… Its really why we love him!

Finally come home happy new year everyone tomorrow 🙂 – Enzo Lemercier

When I go to Valence to get my motorbike and my friends are waiting for me with a magnum of champagne.” – Enzo Lemercier

Chris Loan was the cover model for QUEEK magazine

“Who’s Who Cover of @QWEEKmag from December 😁 Thanks 😚”

I’m very happy to cover the mag 😊”    –  Chris Loan

Mathis Webber Spends time with Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier

“I feel that we are going to have fun with Lucas Bouvier and Mathis Weber Justin Leroy

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