French Twinks US Road Trip 2019

French Twinks again took to the US on an action packed road trip in 2019, following the earlier success from its 2015 US tour. This adventure seen French Twinks produce a feature length porn film as well as an interesting new wacky series. It also seen French Twinks win the award for “Best European Site” at the CyberSocket awards and the team attending the GAYVN Awards following numerous nominations.

Antoine Lebel set off to the US with Paul Delay, Chris Loan, Doryann Marguet, Enzo Lemercier, and assistant Yannick; with the intention to Film “US Road Dick”, an all inclusive porn drama about a group of friends on their way to Vegas and the issues they faced along the way.

There are twists, turns and twinks at every stop and some surprises that not even the team suspected never mind the viewers. The first part of a the film “The Intruders” is already released and parts 2 and 3 “The Party” and “The Disappearance” are due for release in the coming weeks. The feature brings together our french lovable’s with US porn star greats such as Luke Allen, Chris Summers, Alex Kilborn and Justin Stone. They are well worth a watch!

There are twists, turns and twinks at every stop and some surprises that not even the team suspected never mind the viewer.

The team notably won a CyberSocket award in Las Vegas in the middle of Filming US Road dick, for “European Best Gay Porn Site 2018”.

With the majority of the team returning to France, part 2 of the tour was only just beginning. Antoine Lebel and Doryann Marguet moved their base of operations to San Diego and planning started immediately on a crazy series. Joined Later by French favorites Jules Laroche, Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier, and with the help of challenge writer Daniel Ryder “Naked Twink Contest” was born.

The Series of challenges in a beautiful San Diego villa between French Models and US Twinks; Felix Maze, Devin Lewis, Cole Patrick, and Dylan Hart, tests the boys skills in some fairly weird and wonderful ways. Although French Twinks is not releasing any spoilers just yet, we know there is a lot of Naked Twinks, Fun and of course hot passionate sex!

French Twinks also had the opportunity to work with Ryan Ross as an assistant on the second part of the tour which the studio thanks for all his help.

You can See all the scenes as they are released and much more at French Twinks website! But for now here is some behind the scenes shots from the Entire Trip…