French Twinks – What Happened in Vegas?

You may have heard that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”… Well around here that’s more; “What Happens in Vegas, Ends up on French Twinks”. In what must be said is an epic gay porn feature is US Road Dick. Although we cannot give you all of what went on in the movie, what we can say is interesting things went down.

In a shocking real life porn twister couples turn to orgies, threesomes and eternal bliss… or do they? What I do know is that there have been some strange goings on, and twitter has well most of the evidence.

Notice something wrong with this image? Well if you don’t you will see that Paul Delay and Doryann Marguet have swapped second names, is it a sign of something crazy or a simple April Fools joke… we will have to keep watching, and of course it could all stem back from Vegas! 😉

While the truth behind the latest French Twinks mystery is yet to be uncovered, You can find below some photos from Behind the scenes of the Vegas filming of US Road Dick.

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