TwinksArt: the New Sexy & Artistic Bonus from French Twinks!

The boys of French Twinks are not only talented at sex, so we explore their creative side. Their naked body is the palette and they use their hair, bottom, cock, or any other part of their bodies… except their hands, painting an abstract and colourful artwork on the canvas.

It is therefore naked and armed with cans of paint that our dear twinks will twirl around the canvas to captivating music and become in a few minutes a work of art themselves through the paint that covers their bodies.

This original concept made at French Twinks is the perfect opportunity for our young actors to unveil their personalities during a creative break in our studios between shooting of two scenes.

These works will first be exhibited in various gay venues, such as this Friday, October 5 10pm, 2018 for the premiere at Red Kafé in Nice with video projection + live performance.

They will then go on auction (do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested via our contact page).

Of course all the performances have been filmed and we invite you to discover the making of video on our website: