US Road Dick – Part 1: The Intruders – Enzo Lemercier & Luke Allen

In this first episode of our US Road Dick movie: Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan and Doryann Marguet start their American road trip on the legendary Route 66 to go from Los Angeles to Las Vegas but the journey quickly turns into a nightmare. Disputes, encounters, surprises and sex will punctuate the adventures of our four French guys in the United States and for sure they will never forget their trip to Sin City.

If the script of our Made in USA movie is full of surprises, the reality of the filming surely was even more and the realization turned out to be a real challenge, but as you know, we like it when it’s Hard at French Twinks!

Antoine Lebel also commented; We have the pleasure of welcoming back Luke Allen who had already made several scenes for French Twinks in the company of Enzo Lemercier  who’s full of energy and literally explodes the little American! Stay with us for the next adventures including an incredible orgy with seven guys…